Turning Local Searches into Purchases with SEO

Getting organic traffic from search engines is great. But as a business owner, you likely want more than just people visiting your website. You also want them to come to your business and make a purchase. And local SEO is just the way to do it.

According to a survey by Go-Globe, 78 percent of local mobile searches result in a purchase within a day. And there are plenty of other studies to back that number up, as well. It’s clear that when customers make a local search using a geographical location and a business, product, or service they’re looking for, that search often results in the user actually buying something. Isn’t that what every business owner wants?

SEO for Local

Yes, just by incorporating geographical locations into your searches, you can turn someone who’s just searching for what your business offers into actual customers. And, after they’ve made their purchase and are happy with it, they may even just turn into regular customers that come to your business all the time.

Local SEO has many benefits. It can increase your page ranking in the search engine, therefore increasing traffic to your website. But other than building awareness for your business and looking good in the eyes of Google, it can also get you actual, real customers. And that in turn, of course, translates into more profits for your business. It’s amazing that something so simple, and free, could generate such great results for your business!